introspective #1


music rec:
feelings fade
by gnash

Gnash is one of my favorite artists; but I especially love his song titled, “Feelings Fade” because of the following lyrics:

I’m tired of:
Fake people, fake smiles, fake hugs
Fake hope, fake friends, fake love
Cuz fake friends are a real waste of time
And fake love is real waste of life
So don’t you go texting me
Telling me
Wish you were next to me
Rest in peace
Everything’s ending eventually
Best friends can become your enemies

One of the reasons why this song stood out to me is because of the the contrast between “fake” and “real.” It reminded me of high school, and life in general, because there are people who wear masks and have facades. This, obviously, makes it difficult to tell if they’re being genuine or if they’re not–which I absolutely hate because I don’t like wasting my time with people who aren’t genuine and are, in some situations, are only using you.

Of course, you can never completely avoid these people.

Another reason why this song stood out to me is because of the line, “Best friends can become your enemies” because it goes to show that almost anyone can turn against you. It also emphasizes how important it is to find the right people to trust since information in the wrong hands can be dangerous.


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