Doctor Strange Part 2

Just a few more thoughts.

After watching the film, I glanced at my phone to check for any missed calls or messages. The usually greeted me: countless snapchats, another new meme I wasn’t aware of, complaints about biology and calculus, etc. However, there was one urgent text that said, “KYLA. I JUST WATCHED DOCTOR STRANGE.” And lo and behold, without knowing it, I watched the movie in the same theater and at the exact same time with one of my friends without knowing it.

Of course, we launched into a long, long conversation about the movie. With him being a Marvel geek, he knew the whole backstory about infinity stones and where they are and how they work. Maybe this is common knowledge in the Marvel universe, but with me not completely being a part of that, I was unaware of the whole thing so, of course, I had him explain everything to me.

In one of the short clips at the end of one of the Marvel movies, we’re shown how Thanos got a hold of the Infinity Gauntlet; which, as he explained to me, “has 6 grooves in it, one on each knuckle, and one in the middle. It’s the only thing that can cold all 6 of the infinity stones without breaking. Whoever can have the gauntlet and all the 6 stones basically controls the entire freaking universe like Reality / Time / Mind / Soul / Power / Space is all under their control.”

Now, again, me being completely uneducated about the Marvel universe had no idea what the Infinity Stones were. I did have a few ideas though. And just as I suspected the Tesseract and the green stone inside Doctor Strange’s necklace were two, he explained them to me as, “The infinity stones are small concentrations of pure energy and are super duper duper powerful. Each one controls a different aspect, with six infinity stones in total. There’s the time stone, the space stone, the reality stone, the soul stone, the mind stone, and the power stone.”

Okay… So what exactly are these stones though?

“The Tesseract is the space stone, the Aether (the red stuff in Thor: he Dark World) is the reality stone, the purple one in Guardians of the Galaxy is the power stone, Loki’s staff (which is technically on Vision’s head) is the mind stone, and the necklace the Dr. Strange wears is the time stone. The soul stone is still out there somewhere.”

Now… what?

“The thing with the infinity stones though is that they all try to gravitate to each other. So that’s why the Tesseract was on Earth, the Aether was on Earth, the mind stone was on Earth, and the Time Stone is on Earth…”

Guess what the new Avengers movie, coming out in 2018, is called?

Infinity War.

It’s incredible to think that they’ve been planning this since the beginning. Since Iron Man came out since 2008.

Mind. Blown.



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