After agonizing about the test since June (it’s November now, so I’ll let you do the math, I finally took the SATs today. Now, in my previous blog post about Doctor Strange, I said I wouldn’t talk about the test just yet. But here I am, two hours later. I just had so much fun taking it that I couldn’t keep myself from writing about it. In reality, I just need to vent my frustration.

Technically we’re not allowed to talk, write, etc. about anything on the test until scores are released–I think–so I won’t get into specifics.

It wasn’t that bad.

It was just like the practice tests in the College Board prep book. However, since I had a little trouble with those practice tests, I had a little trouble with the actual test as well. The reading and writing portion was okay, nothing special. However, for the math portion… let’s just say that I’m not a math person and probably will never be.

Despite the fact that I don’t think I did well, I did learn an important lesson that day.

Our substitute proctor, because our actual proctor didn’t bother to show up, said, “Just know that your life won’t be over if you don’t get the score that you want.”

However hard it is for some to believe, however hard it is for me to believe, what she said is true.


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