Carpe Diem

Today was one of the longest days of my life, though not in a bad way. I felt a little bit like Phineas and Ferb in the Summer Belongs To You episode, which is my favorite episode ever. If you don’t know what Phineas and Ferb is, I suggest you open up a new window and watch an episode or two (or more). I recommend the Summer Belongs To You episode and the Phineas and Ferb Christmas Vacation! also the episode titled Toy to the World. I could go on forever, but then we currently don’t have time for that.

I love the show so much because it encourages the idea that anything is possible and that it’s incredibly important to seize your day. 

These days, with the ridiculous amount of homework I’m getting, along with the numerous piles of other work, I don’t get to seize my day and do the things I love because schoolwork. And though I have the chance to seize it, I can’t because I won’t get to complete my assignments. And not completing assignments will result in consequences.

No one likes consequences.

Anyways, for once, I got to ignore all of my worries away about homework and competition and other responsibilities for the day. For once, I followed Phineas and Ferb’s advice. And because of that, today I realized the importance of just dropping everything for a second and taking a step back to do something that’ll make you happy. Because if you don’t do the things that make you happy, then your enthusiasm for life will disappear.

What did you do? you wonder.

First, a little background: My cousin Ella, who’s a flight attendant for Emirates, arrived yesterday from Dubai. She’s going to be here for only three days; so, naturally, we had to take her to Disneyland and Los Angeles. Sadly, today was a blackout day for Disneyland so we were forced to go to Disney California Adventure instead.

The day began stressfully. Ella and I, who I haven’t seen since 2009, arrived at Disney California Adventure an hour and a half late because 1) we left late and 2) the line where they check your bags was ridiculously long. It took us 30 minutes to get through it. I hate going to Disneyland late because the later it gets, the more people arrive. And the more people arrive, the longer the lines get.

Speaking of ridiculous lines, we first rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror since they’re going to take it down in January 2017 and remake it into a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed ride. I honestly don’t know I feel about that. I don’t want them to take the Tower of Terror down since it’s Twilight Zone themed and because it’s been there so long and also because the theme just makes sense. But then again, I love all things Marvel so I’m pretty excited for the revamp.

One thing that was upsetting was that they closed Radiator Springs Racers for the day. So we didn’t get to ride that nor Soarin’ because we had to leave by 4pm to go to LA.

I spent the car ride to LA sleeping because I was so exhausted from screaming and running around and eating an unhealthy amount of cotton candy. Apparently, they call cotton candy in Austrailia as “fairy floss.” And they don’t have pink lemonade in Australia. It shocked me when Ella and I were at In and Out and she asked, “Why is your lemonade pink…?” They only serve lemon water, not lemonade. I guess I’ll never move to Australia.


In LA, we hiked to the bottom of the Hollywood sign. Not right up to it, but we hiked to the hill right under it. I’ve never been that close to it.

In December, when Ella comes back to visit along with the rest of her family for Christmas, I think we’re going to hike right to the sign. I think it’s legal to do that… even though there were “restricted” signs everywhere around us today.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

I got to be happy today. And I’m pretty happy about that.


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